I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. 

    ~ Muhammad Ali

    An affirmation opens the door. It's a beginning point on the path to change.

    ~ Louise L. Hay

    The ancestor of every action is a thought.

    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Just like nutrition for our bodies, this little book packs a powerful punch of goodness to feed your Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul.
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    This compact book is a potent tool for you to change your mindset and focus on making the most of who you are.


    Keep it by your bedside or reading chair to have handy for a daily dose of inspiration. Its 5x7 size is easily portable for you to have on the go whenever you need a boost of positivity and confidence.

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    Here are some samples of the 30 affirmations inside.

    There are five bold affirmations in each color that will help you to feel more positive and empowered whether you read them to yourself or aloud.
    The book explains how and why to use affirmations as well as 10 different ways to use the ones offered in the book.

    Here's a little video starring... affirmations!

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    Reader Review

    "I thank you just from the bottom of my heart for putting this out in the Universe because I just think that we need more of this, I need more of this! ~ Cherise R.

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  • What Readers Are Saying:

    I absolutely love these affirmations and the way the book was put together with such thought and creativity. Say them, post them, paste them! Affirmations have helped me tremendously and

    I love that these are made easily accessible. ~ Tina R.


    The colors and fonts are bold and energizing... I’ve started opening the book to any page throughout the day and spending a few minutes with that singular page letting it imprint on my brain body, and being. This book is a gift from a great wise teacher. ~ Karen M.


    It’s such a perfect bite-sized book of inspiration and happiness… everyone should have it! ~ Melissa F.


    "It can be as simple as a jump-start or as deep as an entire rewiring of your inner thoughts."



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  • Tell Me More...

    If you've heard about affirmations but never knew what they were or how to create or use them, this potent little book is just the tool you need!


    This colorful guide’s straightforward, actionable advice and 30 bold affirmations can help you to shift your mindset and feel better about yourself no matter who you are or what your circumstances.

    Keep this handy, pocket-size book at your bedside or in your backpack so you’re never far from information about:

    • What affirmations are and why they are important
    • How and when to use affirmations so they are most effective
    • 10 ways to use the specific affirmations in the book.
    No matter how you use them, these power-packed thoughts help you to focus on the positive and feel better about yourself any time of the day!
  • Who is this book for?

    Anyone who needs a daily boost of positivity to feel more confident in who they are and how they want to be in the world. Ages 8 - 108 and people of every background!

    Here are some comments from readers:

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    Natalie, 26

    It’s a beautiful, amazing book filled with things that you probably need to hear. It's colorful so it will always make you happy — it’s basically a rainbow that you can carry around with you everywhere you go!

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    Margaret, 30

    I LOVE this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a little boost of positivity in their lives.

    The book is outlined in such a creative way so that it can be accessible and leveraged by all - certainly not a "one sized fits all" approach

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    Alex, 58

    Inspirational and friendly!

    The intro pages guided me on how the affirmations can be used, and I love how she speaks of having “anchor times” in my day. I'm so grateful for this book.


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    This is more of a "working" book – not something you'll pick up once and read cover to cover, but it'll become more of a tool to help you see yourself differently and will return to over and over again, which is priceless. 


    Kristina Leonardi is a holistic career coach and personal growth expert who prescribes affirmations and what she refers to as “daily anchors” for her clients to get unstuck, and to find more internal empowerment and subsequent external success in their careers and lives.  She has compiled her guidance in this handy, colorful book, so you too can now Say It To Make It!
    Think of these affirmations as seeds that will work their magic in many subtle ways over time, transforming how you feel about yourself and interact with life – no matter what your circumstances. As Florence Scovel Shinn, one of the pioneers of positive thinking, said, “We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation.”
    Use it as part of a daily routine or while on the go to strengthen your connection to yourself and keep you on track with a positive, uplifting outlook on who you are and what you can accomplish in every area of your life.

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  • What is the purpose of Say It To Make It? To help you


    During these challenging and transformative times, we need you to be who you are and share your unique talents, skills, abilities and LOVE to make this world a better place for us all.

    We each have a role to play and this book is a tool that can inspire and empower you to be the best you can be.



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    Purchase these downloadable PDFs of the affirmations, worksheets and more that you can print out and enjoy additional ways to reinforce and enhance your affirmations and feel more empowered!

  • About the Author

    Kristina Leonardi is a personal growth expert who has helped people of every background make the most of their personal and professional lives over the past 20 years.


    As a holistic career and executive coach, she has a proven record of empowering “stuck” clients to make lasting changes aligned with their true passions and talents in a short time, enabling them to live with more clarity, balance and direction.Known as a dynamic, inspiring and down-to-earth speaker with unique yet practical perspectives on the topics of career development, work/life wellness and personal growth, Kristina has presented to organizations such as LinkedIn, UBS, the Human Resources Association of New York, Ogilvy, and New York’s Science, Industry & Business Library.


    As founder of The Women’s Mosaic, a nonprofit women’s organization focused on diversity and empowerment, she was listed as one of Hispanic magazine’s Top Latinas of 2004, received Tango Diva’s 2007 Diva Visionary Award, and was honored by the WNBA’s NY Liberty as part of their 2009 Inspiring Women Night.


    Kristina holds a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University and has a certificate in Basic Mediation from the New York Peace Institute. She has taught extensively at NYU’s School of Professional Studies in both the Tisch Center for Hospitality and the Wasserman Center for Career Development. She has been coaching and speaking professionally since 2007, and is the author of Personal Growth Gab (PGG), Volume One: Thought-provoking, inspirational and entertaining essays to keep you connected with yourself and make sense of this journey called Life. She has been featured as a career and personal growth expert online at Forbes.com, Inc. magazine, Psychology Today, Money, and HuffPost..



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